Use cannabis oil for your health complaints and more. Use it as a daily supplement to maintain the health you have, or use it to treat something that is bugging you now: pain, inflammation, stress or lack of sleep? Cannabis oil is trending as a medical discovery that puts many pharmaceutical drugs to shame. For not only is cannabis oil completely natural, but so too is it uniquely powerful as a medicinal alternative. South Africans too are now allowed to use, plant and own cannabis at home, thanks to the recent court ruling. This opens doors to people to use medical cannabis. But does everyone know what cannabis oil really is?

Choose to Use Cannabis Oil for Health and Welfare

People worldwide are choosing natural therapies above brand names marketed in bulk and produced by pharmaceuticals. So many drugs have terrible side effects, sometimes worse than the ailment itself. Except cannabis oil – this natural medicinal compound has no negative side effects. Cannabis oil is the thick, sticky ingredient that is removed from the cannabis leaves and plants. This resin contains numerous chemical compounds called cannabinoids. Most people use or know about the two main cannabinoids:

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – a psychoactive compound prevalent in cannabis that makes the user high; mostly illegal as it is a controlled “drug” in most countries
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) – a non-psychoactive, second most abundant compound found in cannabis, with few side effects; mostly legal, especially as medical cannabis

Now you will learn that you can use cannabis oil for your all your health complaints, and more. Knowing the facts about cannabis oil reinforces the reasons why it should be legal. As scientists garner more proof about its medical powers, so doctors prescribe cannabis oil as medication. And people are getting better. That is the bottom line – cannabis oil makes people better. Mentally, emotionally and physically. Cannabis oil is also called dagga olie, shatter, crumble, sap, pull and snap, honeycomb and wax. In a technical sense, cannabis oil is a sticky resin extracted from the cannabis leaves and flowers and used as an alternative, natural medicine. Various methods are used to extract the oils and most of these contain THC and CBD.

Cannabis Oil is a Miracle Cure for Many Maladies

Cannabis oil could be the miracle oil you need for all your health complaints and more. This is according to some very thorough research done in laboratories and on animals to find out just how beneficial cannabis oil is to your health. Medical cannabis oil is increasingly recognised as a successful alternative therapy for people suffering many different conditions, including chronic pain and diseases. The cannabis plant is naturally therapeutic and humans can consume or use every part of the plant from the stems to the leaves, buds and flowers. Those who want to use cannabis solely for health purposes take the cannabis oil in its organic form. Looking closer at the cannabis plant, it comprises more than 200 chemical compounds called cannabinoids, most of which have medicinal value. When blended together, CBD and THC have a powerful healing effect.

Treat Disease with CBD and THC

CBD and THC are natural anti-inflammatory products, pain killers and anti-depressants. But THC must be taken responsibly as too much of a good thing can be detrimental to your health. CBD has been shown to also relieve insomnia, appetite loss, migraines, anxiety and muscle spasms. These cannabinoids can also assist with neurological conditions such as epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. The use of cannabis oil and your health are linked – find out why when you start to take cannabis oil for something mild like insomnia. You will be a new person!

Some people take cannabis oil for cancer, and for easing the side effects of chemotherapy. While there are plenty of anecdotal stories about cannabis oil being a “cure” for cancer, we rather say that cannabis oil can relieve cancer symptoms and there is evidence that cannabis oil does kill cancer cells – in a laboratory setting. In South Africa, cannabis use is on the rise and cannabis oil is here to stay.