Hemp Oil vs Cannabis

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Cannabis oil has been confused with hemp oil. Both oils come from the Cannabis sativa plant. Cannabis is grown and produced in 3 ways: herbal (dried flowering tops and leaves); resin (flattened solid made from the sticky substance in the plant); oil (an extract of cannabis leaves and flowers). Cannabis oil and hemp oil are extracts, not essential oils.

  • Cannabis – contains THC and CBD, amongst many other cannabinoids. Cannabis is also called marijuana and is grown for its medical and recreational uses. The THC makes people high and now growers are engineering plants high in THC for the recreational market. The CBD content in cannabis oil is also high and therefore cannabis oil is used to cure many ailments.
  • Hemp – contains mostly CBD and is used as a general health booster, plus medicinal therapy. Hemp is mostly grown for its fibre and seeds, used in manufacturing and to create health products. The lack of THC makes hemp a safer, more acceptable health therapy, used for nutritional and medicinal purposes. Hemp oil is revered for its ideal omega 3 / omega 6 ratio while CBD oil is used as a medication, with no side effects.

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